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Beyond Birthday

3894556 : Beyond Birthday
SERIES : Death Note: Another Note (LABB Renzoku Satsujin Jiken)
ALIASES : B, BB, Rue Ryuuzaki
AGE : 22
SPECIES : ½ shinigami, ½ human
OCCUPATION : Serial killer, mental patient
LEVEL : Abyss
RESIDENCE : Room 13 at Seedy's (currently missing)
CONTACT : mailboxe-mailphoneooc
PERSONALITY : type 3 (so)enfjparanoid schizophrenicantisocialnarcissisticdissociative
APPEARANCE : Changes frequently depending on who he happens to be emulating at the time, although some traits are ever-present. Weighing in at a mere 110 lbs and standing at 5'9" if he were to straighten his back out of its characteristic slouch, B has an extremely lanky build with long limbs and delicate bone structure. His most striking physical features are his eyes, which have a strange scarlet hue though they appear black from a distance due to the excessive dilation of his pupils. They are framed by the dark circles of many sleepless nights and enhanced with black eyeliner. His skin is extremely pale which only adds to his rather sickly appearance. Straight black hair flies about his head in careless disarray, cut unevenly to his shoulders and falling limply over his eyes.
ABILITIES : B is a genius, a child prodigy who now has the potential to become the greatest detective in the world. He is an expert in the fields of criminal psychology, justice, and investigation. He is also a skilled hacker and cryptographer, talents which are aided by the fact that he has eidetic memory and is capable of noticing and recalling the smallest details. He speaks dozens of languages fluently and is a skilled capoeirista and a master of disguise. He was also born with the "shinigami eyes", an ability to see the name and lifespan ID number of a person upon seeing their face.
EXPANDED : tracking postcanon historyfalse memoriesrelationshipspermissionsplayer